The Municipality of South Dundas now brings you the convenience of managing your property tax accounts online and at any time. To use the Online Services you will need your PIN ID Number which is printed on your property tax bill. You can also obtain your PIN number by contacting the Municipal Office at (613)543-2673.

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We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal financial information. This is a secure site.

Having Trouble Linking Your Account?

1) When entering your roll number exclude the first three digits (001, 002, 006, or 008) from your roll number.

2) When entering your roll number it should be eight digits plus .0000

3) Do not use a dashes when entering your roll number. Periods only.
                   Your roll number should appear like this: 12345678.0000

4) Your Access code/ PIN can be found on your tax bill on the upper right hand side in the property location box.